South Beach Residences

A quiet refuge in the prestigious downtown district, two commissioned private residences at South Beach Residences exude luxury and class. Separately tailored for the Client in two contrasting color palettes, carefully selected stone finishes, custom veneer paneling and metallic accents curate an understated elegance for both.

The first residence, centers around organic forms with bright tones upon charming neutral hues. Flowing translucency of onyx juxtaposes against metallic champagne colored lattices. The marrying of materials and elements presents an understated elegance of luxury.
On the other end of the spectrum, the second residence is decorated with a deeper palette of dark woods and smoked grey marble. With brass accents as a running theme, strength and character is imbued into this space.

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KI, a quintessential Japanese word that represents the subtle and ephemeral flow of energy in all things and intent.
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Ki Residences

KI, a quintessential Japanese word that represents the subtle and ephemeral flow of energy in all things and intent. To seek balance in ki, the idea of combining Japanese influences with modern interpretations in a harmonious manner to relate key design principles – to weave, to breathe, to dwell.

Created with a love of nature in mind, this unit is designed for the naturalist with a quiet and introspective lifestyle. Through the selected materials, predominantly natural wood laminate finishes and light, woven fabrics, with gentle shades of green, grey, and beige, this crafts a serene and airy space with modern Japanese-inspired design.

With darker wood finishes and brushed metallic accents in black and brass, dressed in substantial fabrics such as leather, the design concept presents a stronger, more masculine air, but retains its subtlety and is uncluttered, with clean, structured lines.

A Japanese-inspired modern contemporary home, this space is designed for a multi-generational family with a taste for travelling, and a love for the four seasons. A mixture of materials and colours that best reflect the ambience of each season are put together in a stimulating but cohesive whole. The interplay between light and dark stained wood, tinted mirror finish and fluted glass, velvet and leather make this unit full of character.